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Авторы: Тюрікова, Інна
Прібильский, Віталій
Іщенко, Валентина
Алла, Кайнаш
Будник, Ніна
Ключевые слова: organic waste; recyclables; walnuts; pericarp; technology; extract.
Issue Date: 26-Oct-2021
Аннотация: One of the ways to solve ecological problems is rational use of natural resources and their complex processing. Involving the plant waste as a secondary raw material allows it to be converted into a valuable product with subsequent widespread use. The given scientific work is devoted to the way of processing of organic waste of a walnut, namely pericarp. The results of studies of ripe nuts pericarp in terms of harvesting are presented. It has been proven that pericarp has the highest content of biologically active substances (L-antiscorbutin, pectin substances, polyphenols), when it is not yet separated from its maternal base. It has been proven that pericarp is a biologically valuable raw material that is not used in food production. The method of its processing into an extract has been developed and analyzed. The dynamics of extraction of extractive substances of pericarp depending on the type of extractant are presented. Therefore, 70 % aqueous-alcoholic and 50 % aqueous-sugar solutions for both fresh raw material and after storage at low temperatures were selected as extractants for biologically valuable substances with high extractive ability and microbiological stability. The technology of aqueous-alcoholic and aqueous-sugar extracts and its description are presented. It has been proven that the developed technology will minimize organic waste, maximize the use of the nut raw materials, improve food technology, while increasing their biological value.
URI: http://dspace.puet.edu.ua/handle/123456789/11497
ISSN: 2663-2934
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