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Название: Grouping Risks and Threats of Spatial Management of Natural Resource Assets in the National Economy System
Авторы: Lytsur, Ihor
Mykytenko, Viktoria
Bondar-Рidhurska, Оksana
Ключевые слова: spatial management
natural resources assets
transformation of economic relation
Issue Date: 9-Jul-2022
Библиографическое описание: Advances in Economics, Business and Management Research, volume 167
Аннотация: The authors formulated and revealed the initial provisions of the functioning and developing spatial natural and economic entities, which were detailed taking into account the basic elements of ensuring a sufficient level of security of the individual, society and state. It is recognized that they should be taken into consideration in the development and implementation in practice the management of the national state building project of modern doctrines and strategies of spatial sustainable development. Methodologically important provisions of the systematized combinatorics of factors of external and internal influence on the organization of spatial natural and economic formations in modern conditions of functioning of the national social and economic system are substantiated. Their difference from the established ones involves the systematization of risks and threats to modern processes of spatial management of natural resources of the state and its regions
Описание: The relevance of this study is to solve the basic task for society to improve the spatial management system of natural resource assets, increase their usage efficiency and ensure sustainable socio-economic development of Ukraine on this basis. At all levels of the state government, there appeared a need to transform the organizational structure of natural resource management on the basis of the introduction of a modern system of territorial natural entities with the change of relevant functions, mechanisms and powers in the direction of increasing the ecological and economic effect in various spheres of economic activity. The deepening of the conceptual framework for improving the effectiveness of the spatial management system of natural assets also requires the development of an institutional environment, in the context of restructuring the ownership of natural resources, streamlining the powers of the executive authorities, identifying adequate forms of home keeping. Given the need to find a balance in the structure of natural resources management, the issue of grouping risks and threats to the processes of spatial management of natural resources of the state becomes urgent. In general, efforts should be directed towards ensuring strategic system integrated management of the utilization of Ukraine's natural resource potential. This should first and foremost be the formation of an innovative model of state impact on the processes of modernization of the natural and economic sphere, aimed at shifting the center of gravity to superstructure components - managerial innovation; formation of diversified management systems based on the development of neo-industrial economy; ensuring sustainable development of the economy of the country in the conditions of achievement of financial and economic stability, developed rent relations and production of competitive products, formation of the updated in accordance with modern requirements quantitative characteristics of the estimation of the nature management efficiency.
URI: http://dspace.puet.edu.ua/handle/123456789/12047
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