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Название: Features of Use of Hypergraphs in the Simulation of Multi-Channel Mesh-Networks IEEE 802.11
Авторы: Garkusha, Sergey
Garkusha, Olena
Abed, Ahmed Hassan
Ключевые слова: Multi-channel
Channels allocation
Issue Date: Feb-2014
Издатель: TCSET'2014
Аннотация: An approach is presented to the use of hypergraphs for modeling multi-channel multi-radio mesh-networking standard IEEE 802.11, both at the stage of task channels allocation, and when analyzing the results of decisions. This, in turn, allowed for a fuller and describes in detail all the possible configurations of mesh-network as a whole and its individual elements are represented as nodes and edges of the hypergraph. Also acquires a new formalization of the problem of determining connectivity
URI: http://dspace.puet.edu.ua/handle/123456789/1957
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