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Название: Quality Format of Innovational Model for Development Economy in Ukraine: Standardization and Certification
Авторы: Oksana Bondar-Podhurska
Alla Glebova
Olha Yudicheva
Ключевые слова: innovative model for development economy, the index innovation development, quality, standardization, certification.
Issue Date: Oct-2019
Издатель: Paris: Atlantis Press
Библиографическое описание: Bondar-Podhurska Oksana, Glebova Alla, Yudicheva Olha. Quality format of innovational model for development economy in Ukraine: standardization and certification. Advances in Economics, Business and Management Research, 2019. Volume 95. C.200-205.
Аннотация: The Index of innovative development of the Ukrainian Economy for 2007-2017 is calculated on the basis of the additive model, the principal components method and the sliding matrix, as novelty. The tendency of its decrease and the problem of commercialization results of scientific and technical activity as an indicator to improve the quality management of products are singled out. Therefore, we proposal the implementation of ISO 50001:2011, which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts, as well as reduce energy costs through the systematic management of energy resources. The ISO 8000 "Social Responsibility" standard is recommended, which will help to increase the investment attractiveness of the economy, create opportunities for entering the stock markets and create transparency of business processes in Ukraine. The legislative experience of transition national producers to implementation of HACCP procedures is analyzed. This is an awareness of the global problem of food quality and safety. The requirements of the international standard ISO 22000 apply to all types of food industry. The legislation of Ukraine in the field of sanitary measures is poorly adapted to the requirements of the European Union. These problems are reforming the system of state control and supervision over food safety. In order to harmonize national legislation with the requirements of the European Union, three transitional periods of adaptation different duration have been identified. The authors propose simultaneous application of the above standards of quality and safety management, which will affect the qualitative parameters of the innovative model of the development economy in Ukraine.
Описание: The Innovation Development Index of Ukraine 2007-20017 was first calculated in the context of the triangle of competitiveness of the economy. The tendency of its decline and the main reason for this were singled out. The novelty of the study is to consider standardization and certification as drivers of economic growth within the innovative model of Ukraine's development. The role and significance of international quality system standards ISO 50001:2011, HACCP 22000: 2005, ISO 8000: 2014, in the context of the innovative model of economic development of Ukraine is substantiated. These standards will allow us to create an information set to evaluate the innovative model of economic development, taking into account the qualitative component, to gain additional benefits, to increase the level of environmental, economic, food and energy security. We propose at the same time to apply the above standards, which will affect the qualitative parameters of the innovative model of the development economy in Ukraine
URI: http://dspace.puet.edu.ua/handle/123456789/9050
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