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Другие названия: Економічний вісник ДВНЗ УДХТУ
Авторы: Karpenko N.V., Ivannikova M.M.
Іваннікова М.М., Карпенко Н.В.
Ключевые слова: influence
consumer behavior
physical consumer
digital consumer
behavioral decisions
purchasing decision
Issue Date: 7-Jan-2021
Аннотация: The authors analyze the classical and modern approaches to consumer behavior. The main behavior characteristics depend on whether the digital or physical consumer is. The differences and approaches to characterize such types of consumers have been considered by authors in the article. The main psychological models of behavioral features have been investigated by authors in the article. Differences in class and group behavioral aspects have determined. The key attention is given environment which makes influences on them during behavioral decisions. Physical consumer more predictable and stable and, conversely, digital consumer is sensitive with variable perception. During analysis of available theoretic and practice approaches of behavioral models of physical consumers and digital consumers, authors was found the difference between information delivering way about new products and services which are proposing to them. Digital consumer has characterized as a specific category of net-citizens who make many decisions during one purchasing process. Physical consumer, unlike digital, makes a reasonable decision during long term purchasing process. Authors have analyzed the models that exist for the study of consumer purchasing decisions and how all these aspects affect their behavior towards the product. Investigations have shown that the lack of research on digital consumers leads to a lack of information about the peculiarities of their behavior and purchasing decisions. Based on the analysis, consumers are grouped by their physical and digital affiliation. This made it possible to divide into groups and identify the distinctive features between the behavioral characteristics of physical and digital consumers. Research and the results, proposed in the article, can be tangible benefits for businesses in competing for customers.
Описание: The behavior of the consumer and his decisions in front of the different offers that are presented to him when he is going to buy a something is a wide field of investigation for the specialists of marketing and sales. There are many factors that affect a consumer, from his inner part as his fears, his paradigms and beliefs, his argumentation and mental justification, the cultural heritage and what he/she has learned throughout its life, is one of the approaches in front of a product to buy.
URI: http://dspace.puet.edu.ua/handle/123456789/10019
ISSN: 2415-3974
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