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Название: Pre-sowing treatment of vetch hairy seeds, viсia villosa using ultraviolet irradiation
Авторы: Semenov, Anatolii
Sakhno, Tamara
Hordieieva, O.
Sakhno, Y.
Ключевые слова: Pre-sowing treatment
Hydration rate
Moisture content
Seed vigour
ultraviolet irradiation (UV-C radiation)
Issue Date: 7-Jun-2021
Аннотация: BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Aiming to increase crop yield the antimicrobial/bacterial or fungicidal pre-sowing seed treatment received more attention in modern agronomy. Ultraviolet-C irradiation of pre-sowing seeds is an environmentally friendly method that became of great importance in recent years. It is, hereafter, being shown that, along with known antimicrobial use, there is additional important advantage of Ultraviolet-C irradiation of pre-sowing seeds. It was revealed that Ultraviolet-C radiation on Vetch Hairy seeds stimulates seeds germination and vigour. METHODS: Various doses of Ultraviolet-C irradiation of seeds were used. The main sowing qualities of seeds were determined: seed vigour and germination, as well as the content of photosynthetic pigments in plant leaves and the main parameters of the kinetic values of hydration – moisture and hydration rate. FINDINGS: It was found that ultraviolet-C radiation has a positive effect on sowing qualities and content of photosynthetic pigments in plant leaves of Vetch vary. The most effective dose of ultraviolet irradiation applied to vetch hairy seeds; vicia villosa was 1000 J/m2. At this dose the seed vigour increases by 23.6%, germination by 15.1%, the mass of germinated seeds by 17.3%, the content of a- and b-chlorophyll by 12.4%, and 17.5%, respectively, the carotenoid content increased by 13.9%. The parameters of seeds hydration kinetics such as moisture content and hydration rate were determined. It was revealed that the hydration rate of seeds increased significantly in the first 100-minute time range. Later in time the hydration rate progressively decreased, achieving a saturated moisture content after 700 minutes. Additionally, it was found that Ultraviolet-C irradiation decreases the imbibition damage. CONCLUSION: The results indicated that ultraviolet-C irradiation has a positive effect on sowing qualities of Vetch Hairy seeds, thus, could be proposed as a promising candidate for application in treatment pre-sowing agriculture seeds.
Описание: Semenov, A.; Sakhno, T.; Hordieieva, O.; Sakhno, Y., (2021). Pre-sowing treatment of vetch hairy seeds, viсia villosa using ultraviolet irradiation. Global J. Environ. Sci. Manage., 7(4): 555-564
URI: https://www.gjesm.net/article_244274.htm
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