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Название: Bactericidal Disinfection of Activated Carbon from Aerobic Microorganisms, Yeasts and Molds
Авторы: Semenov, Anatolii
Sakhno, Tamara
Hmelnitska, Yevgenia
Semenova, Nataliia
Ключевые слова: Activated Carbon
Microbiological Purity
Issue Date: 29-Mar-2022
Серия/номер: ;Volume-8, Issue-7
Аннотация: One of the reasons for non-compliance with the requirements of regulatory documentation of powdered materials, including drugs is microbiological contamination. The search for alternative technical approaches of bactericidal disinfection using modern physical methods is relevant for research. Checking the compliance of activated carbon «Silcarbon», which is used in medicine as a sorbent, showed that the number of fungi (TYMS) exceeds the permissible norms in several times. A number of experimental studies where ultraviolet light, a combination of UV radiation and ozonation were used have been performed to disinfect «Silcarbon» from microbiological contaminants. It is shown that optimal results can be achieved in terms of the content of molds and yeasts: the total amount does not exceed 70 CFU/g using a combination of UV radiation and ozonation. When using pulsed UV lamps with a flux density of 10000-10500 W/m2, the amount was 30 CFU/g, and for molds fungi 20 CFU/g, which meets the requirements of regulatory documents. In dependance on the method of disinfection use the total amount of microbiological contamination of «Silcarbon» ranges from 50 to 70 CFU/g.
Описание: Semenov Anatolii, Sakhno Tamara, Hmelnitska Yevgenia, Semenova Nataliia. Bactericidal Disinfection of Activated Carbon from Aerobic Microorganisms, Yeasts and Molds. International Journal of Basic Sciences and Applied Computing (IJBSAC), Volume-8 Issue-7, March 2022, р. 1-4. Retrieval Number: 100.1/ijbsac.G0472038722 DOI:10.35940/ijbsac.G0472.038722
URI: http://dspace.puet.edu.ua/handle/123456789/11893
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