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Название: Методика расчета прочности нагреваемого дорожного покрітия
Другие названия: Metod of calculating the strength of heated road cover
Авторы: Володько, Ольга Васильевна
Роговая, Наталия Владимировна
Рыбакова, Светлана Сергеевна
Ключевые слова: прочность
дорожное покрытие
модуль упругости
Issue Date: 11-Nov-2019
Аннотация: The subject of the research is the construction of a multi-layer road heating coating, which can be used in international road corridors for the safety of their winter maintenance. Standards and classification of these con-structions are absent, as well as and methods of their calculation are not investigated. Thus, the research in this sphere may be considered as timely and perspective. The subject of the research is the construction of the multi-layered coating with heated surface layers, which can be used in hotel and catering industry to prevent snowdrifts, slipperiness and ice-crusted ground on its surface. Subject of the research is tense strained condition of the coating with heated surface layers. The objective of the research is connected with the improvement of the engineering methods of calculating tense strained condition of the coating with heated surface layers. The model problem to calculate multi-layered coating with heated surface, which is considered as multi-layered cushion based slab, is solved. Model of the elastic homogeneous semi space is used for the above men-tioned slab. The construction consists of the monolithic coating layer of the fibrous electro conducting concrete, that under the influence of heat flux generated by electric current heats up and heats the surface layer of a typical pavement - macadam-mastic asphalt concrete. Electric current is supplied to the carbon conducting grid that is an underlying layer of fibro electro concrete. Under the net for the isolation of cement-concrete slab is a layer of heat insulation. Pre-heat problem was solved for the heating system and confirmed thermos-effect required for heating surface coating of + 2.0oC to 11oC at ambient temperature -20 oC. To create an effective approach to determining the stress-strain state of the constructions of the proposed type methods of calculation for multi-layer and one layer slabs were united and conducted. By the method of calculation of multilayer slab of V.H. Piskunova cylindrical overall rigidity of the package of layers of the coating with heating was determined. The method used was combined with accurate method of O.Ya. Shehter, which is modified to calculate multilayer slabs. Reliability of calculations was confirmed by the results obtained by a number of noncorrelated by their theoretical base analytical and numerical methods. With established relations for the character-istics of the base, simulated by elastic semi-space and using the model of Winlcair, calculation and other methods for single-layer slabs and for multilayer systems were modified. The results are obtained by numerical method – by the finite difference method and analytical method of solving the problem of layered elasticity environment theory. The value of the maximum points and maximum stress are calculated by all methods confirm within prac-tical needs the exactly actual reliability of the results of calculation of pavement with the heating surface. Strength of the construction is estimated. Obtained results may be used by the design engineering firms while designing coating with heated surface layers as for hotels and restaurants as and for other branches of construction industry. Further research will be conducted to develop constructions of the coating with heated surface layers depend-ing on its usage (parking place, places to rest, pavements, etc ) and research its state of thermos-stress.
URI: http://dspace.puet.edu.ua/handle/123456789/7229
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