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Название: Influence of pre-sowing UV-radiation on the energy of germination capacity and germination ability of rapeseed
Авторы: Semenov, A.
Kozhushko, G.
Sakhno, T.
Ключевые слова: Ultraviolet
germination capacity
Issue Date: 26-May-2020
Серия/номер: 5/1(43);
Аннотация: The object of research is the rapeseed, which is the first among oilseeds by the volume of sowing. One of the most problematic places of the agricultural complex is an increase in the quantity and quality of the seed material. To solve this problem, scientists and agricultural specialists use various methods, preferring optical radiation – pre-sowing UV-seed treatment. Selection of treatment regimes requires detailed studies and a differentiated approach for each crop separately. In the work pre-sowing influence of ultraviolet UV-irradiation of rapeseeds on biological processes (germination energy, germination and growth) is investigated. 20 W low-pressure ultraviolet lamps of the type ZW20D15W (China) emitting in the C region are used. The radiation dose is measured according to standard methods using a Tenzor-31 radiometer (Ukraine). Samples of rapeseeds, in addition to control, are irradiated with ultraviolet radiation in the C region with doses of 10 J/m2, 20 J/m2, 50 J/m2, 80 J/m2, 100 J/m2, 120 J/m2and 200 J/m2. Irradiated and control samples of seeds are germinated in Petri dishes at an air temperature of 242 ° C. The number of seedlings is counted after 3 days – the germination energy, and after 7 days – germination ability. Due to the use of UV irradiation at doses of 80-120 J/m2, the following results are obtained in comparison with the control sample: the germination energy of rapeseeds is increased by 20-26%; germination ability increases by 16%. At the same time, the average biomass of plants from irradiated seeds increases by 18.3% in comparison with the control samples for 10 days of growth. In field studies, the germination of rapeseeds after irradiation with a UV-C dose of 120 J/m2 compared to the control sample increased by 16% and becomes 89%.
Описание: Influence of pre-sowing UV-radiation on the energy of germination capacity and germination ability of rapeseed / Technology audit and production reserves. – 2018. – № 5/1 (43). С 61-65
URI: http://dspace.puet.edu.ua/handle/123456789/8444
ISSN: 2226-3780
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