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Название: Efficiency of seeds' germination in pre-sowing irradiation by UV- light of different spectral composition
Авторы: Semenov, Anatoliy
Marenych, Mykola
Sakhno, Tamara
Barashkov, Nikolay
Ключевые слова: Pre-sowing
UV irradiation
germination capacity
Issue Date: 17-Sep-2021
Аннотация: One of the main tasks of the agricultural complex is to increase the quantity and quality of crop production. Great interest in stimulating growth and increasing the resistance of plants to external factors and increasing the productivity of agricultural crops is the pre-sowing processing of seeds of crops by UV radiation. The influence of UV-light with three different spectral regions C (200–280 nm), B (280–320 nm) and A (320–400 nm) of irradiation on the biological processes in seeds has been investigated. In series of laboratory experiments it has been shown that UV irradiation positively affects germination energy and germination capacity. Particularly, it has been demonstrated that UV-light with a dose of 120 J/m2 increases the germination energy and germination capacity by 23–31 % and by 14–25 % (depending on the chosen spectral region), correspondingly, compared to control samples
Описание: Mykola Marenych, Anatoliy Semenov, Tamara Sakhno, Nikolay Barashkov. Efficiency of seeds' germination in pre-sowing irradiation by UV- light of different spectral composition. American Chemical Society ASC FALL 2021 «Resilience of Chemistry», august 22-26, 2021, CA
URI: http://dspace.puet.edu.ua/handle/123456789/11452
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